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Pink Sugar

WELCOME to Elite Treats

We are currently revamping this site and the bakery. Please check back! No orders are being taken at this time!  To reach us, email


Elite Treats has been a member of the Kingwood community since 1989. We believe in using the finest ingredients to make the best pastries and candies around. 

Please stop in to meet our new chefs!


Each of our delicious cakes can be customized with the icing, frosting and filling from the choices below to make your cake truly one of a kind. We have also added some GREAT new choices, not yet on the site.

CHOCOLATE MOUSSE: chocolate cake, chocolate mousse filling, chocolate buttercream icing, chocolate shavings

BAILEY'S IRISH CREAM: chocolate cake, bailey's cream filling, vanilla buttercream, chocolate garnish

MOZART: chocolate walnut brownie, ganache, chocolate cake, dark chocolate glaze, chocolate garnish

BLACK FOREST: chocolate cake, black cherry filling, chocolate glaze

SACHER TORTE: chocolate cake, raspberry mousse filling, ganache icing

WHITE CHOCOLATE TOFFEE TORTE: chocolate cake, white chocolate mousse and toffee filling, milk chocolate glaze

GERMAN CHOCOLATE: chocolate cake, German chocolate filling, ganache icing

ITALIAN CREAM GATEAU: vanilla cake, cream cheese, coconut & pecan filling and icing

OREO COOKIE: chocolate and vanilla cake, vanilla mousse filling, chocolate glaze

CREAM DE MENTHE CHOCOLATE CHIP: chocolate cake, cream de menthe chocolate chip filling, buttercream icing

WHITE CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY CHAMBORD: vanilla cake, raspberry mousse filling, buttercream icing, white chocolate shavings

GRAND MARNIER: vanilla cake, orange mousse filling, white chocolate glaze

vanilla cake, strawberry bavarian filling, buttercream icing, white chocolate shavings and white chocolate dipped strawberries

LEMON MOUSSE: vanilla cake, lemon mousse filling, white chocolate glaze

LEMON RASPBERRY MOUSSE: vanilla cake, layers of lemon mousse filling and raspberry mousse filling, white chocolate glaze


PIÑA COLADA: vanilla cake, piña colada (with rum) filling, buttercream icing, pineapple and white chocolate topping

DYNASTY: vanilla cake, chocolate mousse filling, chocolate and white chocolate strips and shaved topping

TIRAMISU: espresso soaked white cake with chocolate, cream cheese and rum

CARROT CAKE: fresh carrots cake, coconut, pecan and cream cheese filling, butter cream icing

RED VELVET: red velvet cake, cream cheese filling, wrapped with white chocolate


VIENNA FRUIT TORTE: white chiffon cake, layers of 5 fresh fruits in white mousse, white butter cream icing

NEW: BAVARIAN CREME: May be added as a filling to just about any cake!

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